《English Magazine》Vol.6 : Study Abroad in Japan

みなさん、こんにちは!国子女、海外経験者コミュニティーのBeyond Borderです!
『競争力を持った国際日本人になる!』、『日本の良さを再発見し、世界中に広めよう!』をスローガンに始まった、現在唯一の英文記事<Introducing Japan>第6弾

Is it Worth to Study in Japan?


I believe that it is worth to study abroad in a country that you hope to have a deeper insight in tertiary education level.

The best way to understand a place is to stay there for a period of time.

Started from the first time I went to Japan for vacation when I was small, I built a strong interest in Japanese culture. I had yearned for the chance to experience more about daily life in Japan that I started to think of studying in one of the university in Japan.


I have met many good friends here who are Japanese that my Japanese speaking skills improved a lot after I came to Tokyo.



Also, we went to a lot of Japanese traditional events such as ‘Hanabi Taikai’(Fireworks events) and ‘Ohanami’(Cherry Blossom viewing).留学3

Learning Japanese through daily conversations are far more interesting than lessons that I can easily memorize new vocabularies and short phrases.

What is more, Tokyo is a place gathered people all around the world that I have met a lot of foreigners and learnt more about different cultures.


In the aspect of courses in universities, I realized that there are more and more programs which are conducted in English operated by some high ranking universities in recent years.

International students may receive Japanese tertiary education even if they cannot understand Japanese or worry about learning lesser than local students in classes conducted in Japanese.

I personally feel that quite a lot of lectures I took in the previous semester are really worth to take. I learnt a lot in my lessons, not only about Japanese culture, but also about international issues as well as other aspects like business and economics.


It may be the last stage of your student life that it is worthy to explore more in a different place. For people who love to learn more about Japan, I strongly recommend them to come and study in Japanese universities.